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Human Resources and Resume Packages

General Resume Writing

If you are still submitting your resume that you created on Microsoft Word, then it might be time to chat with our in-house human resource experts. With multiple HR experts on staff, we can turn your boring old resume into something that will finally start getting your callbacks. No matter your experience or industry, CCF is here to help with all of your general resume writing needs.

Starting from $75

Government Sector Resume Writing

If you are trying to break into the government and struggling to get past the first step, it may be due to your resume. With human resource experts that work in the Government of Canada, CCF is uniquely set-up to help massage and build your resume to find your perfect job. With CCF, it is that simple, and we cannot wait to get started on crafting the ideal government resume!

Starting from $150

Specialist Resume Writing

No matter if you are a professional that is looking for a career change, or if you are looking for your next jump, the team at CCF can help. We specialize in crafting, and writing specialist resumes for the Canadian, US and European market. With our experts, your resume will go to the top of the pile; the rest is up to you!

Starting from $150

Cover Letter Writing

Although they are not always needed, cover letters can be a tough nut to crack for many that are looking for their next job. Cover letter writing is a speciality, and here at CCF, we can help craft and deliver a cover letter that will put your hands and feet above the rest. With our in-house CCF cover letter experts, the only thing missing is your information!

Starting from $50

Interview Prep

No matter how good your resume is, the team at CCF can help you get through that next hurdle, the interview. Our in-house human resource team can provide you with the tools and tricks of the trade to ensure that you can answer every question with well-rounded answers. From government interviews to private industry, the team at CCF can help you prepare for what could be the most significant talk of your professional life.

Starting from $100

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