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Five reasons why working with a content company can help your construction or renovation company

The post-COVID construction and renovation boom was amazing for construction service companies in Ontario and beyond. People had extra money, and the interest rates were perfect for borrowers to invest in their homes. However, things have changed, and many companies struggle to find their next job site. So, what can you do? For many, working with a content company to better their web-based approach might be the solution to finding steady jobs to keep your guys busy. Here are five reasons why working with a content company like Canadian Content Factory can help your construction or renovation service company.

1. Build your website.

If you do not have a site, today is the best day to get started. Working with a professional content company like Canadian Content Factory can ensure that your web build is worth your time and effort. We can work with your web designer, SEO company or even yourself to deliver content that ranks and reads well.

2. Generate real leads.

There is something to say about the word of mouth. It is a great way to generate new business, but it is limiting to a point. So, if you are looking to expand out of your current circle, refreshing your content and adding contact pages might be the way to do it and help your Google ranking at the same time. Search is a powerful tool that can shine a spotlight on your company and the services you provide. With a better search ranking, you will see more and more potential leads come to your site looking for quotes. It is a process, but quality content will go a long way to help improve this.

3. Update your content to rank on Google, Bing, and Safari

As noted above, fresh content is a great way to help your existing website climb the Google, Bing, or Safari pages. It is not going to be an overnight fix, but fresh content that is written well is rewarded by Search over the long term. Although AI is also an excellent tool, Google and other search engines are now running AI tools to detect and flag AI-written content. So, working with a professional content company like Canadian Content Factory for long-term content strategies is always best.

4. Refresh your website or landing page.

A refresh can go a long way if you have an existing site or landing page. We have worked with countless companies that have put up a site or landing page years ago and never bothered to look at it again. So, why not invest a little capital and give your site a once-over that will spruce it up and make it attractive to new clients? A recent survey saw 89% of millennial homeowners look at a company's website before using it as a service. With more and more new owners, an old website may be the barrier that needs to be broken down.

5. Help build better pitches.

You are most likely a tradesperson, engineer, or other professional, and writing is just not in your repertoire. We have seen a lot of pitches via email and social media over the years, and they always fall a little short. So, why stress about it when you can work with Canadian Content Factory and build out a collection of pitches and responses proven to work? It is a simple solution, and that is something we can all see the benefit of having.

Final Thoughts

The construction and renovation industry are hard enough, and you need some help. Canadian Content Factory is here for you for all of your content needs. Whether you are looking to spruce up an old website, build a new site or simply need help with your pitches, our professional writers are here to help. Drop us an email today and see how Canadian Content Factory can help foster a new era for your company.

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