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Tesla Q4 Rumblings and Grumblings- What will 2021 bring?

Tesla is not just another car company; it is a brand that is truly disrupting the vehicle industry from the ground up. With the recent Q4 results, Tesla continues to climb exponentially, and we thought it was best to look ahead and see what 2021 might have for this titan in the EV market.

Full-Self Driving will have a subscription option

Although many Tesla owners opted to spend the extra $10,000 at purchase for FSD, Elon Musk announced during the Q4 results that an FSD subscription service would be launched in the next couple of months. We have not seen any pricing, or what it will include, but you can be sure that many Tesla owners will jump at the opportunity to try it out for a month to see what they have been missing!

The new model S will ship in February

The tri-motor Model S will start shipping in February in the US, and later in the year for the rest of the world. This vehicle is a little more expensive than its predecessor, but for a reason. It is the first production car able to go from 0-60 in under two seconds. Not bad for a luxury sedan!

The next generation of car service

When it comes to servicing your Tesla, the company is looking to change the way we think of the classic service appointment. Tesla is looking to expand its mobile service and is hoping to provide 50% of service appointments in your home or office's comfort. As well, Tesla will make the Tesla App the focus for service appointments. The App will be a hub with up-to-date information, and ability to chat with a technician, send pictures or status updates with ease.

Chinese Tesla?

Tesla is looking to open a Chinese-based design centre that will look to develop a Chinese-specific Tesla in 2021. The company is already the best-selling EV in the country, but Tesla is looking to bring in top Chinese designers to produce a hot-hatch or crossover EV perfect for the Chinese market. The idea is to have this design centre work the car up to models, and then have the US-based team execute the rest of the design and engineering process. It is an exciting move, especially with companies like NIO starting to take market share back in the ultra-competitive Chinese market.


Although not providing delivery dates, Elon Musk was hopeful that the first of the Tesla Cybertrucks would be delivered in late 2021. He did note that it would take many things to go perfect to meet that goal, but the Cybertruck will at least be at the cusp of launch by the end of this year.

Tesla is changing the way we think about EV's. No matter if it is the tech or the vehicles, Tesla continues to drive for success and is hitting it out of the park.2021 is set to be one of the best years for the company, and we are looking forward to seeing what happens!

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