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Content Writing Specialties


From blogs to economic analysis, our team has excelled at providing financial content to the market. We have written in consumer finances, investments, loans, mortgages, credit cards and have delivered content for both small and medium businesses and personal finances. We currently publish with some of the leading web-based financial companies in North America and continue to provide high-quality native content for all of our clients.  

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

From working with cryptocurrency or blockchain start-ups to delivering investment advice in layman’s terms for the average investor, CCF has been one of the top Canadian content firms in this space. We have provided everything from full white papers to social media posts, and know and understand the ever-evolving landscape that is blockchain.  


Travel is more than a job for the team at CCF; we have a passion for it. With all seven continents covered and over 150 countries, the team at CCF is uniquely set-up to deliver travel content that matters.  We do more than list some restaurants, or locations to see, we provide advice from the locals and deliver content that will leave your readers thinking they were walking down the road in Tuscany.

Human Resources

Human Resources is more than just how to get that perfect job! With in-house HR experts, CCF delivers HR content that is for both HR professionals and job seekers that will be meaningful. From resume and interview prep to how to deal with difficult people, CCF’s HR content is tailored to your needs.

General Content

With more than five years in the industry, CCF has continually excelled at providing our clients with general content needs. Our team is filled with people who love to do research, and if we do not know much about your industry, we will do the work to understand your niche. From working with environmental companies to hockey companies, CCF delivers meaningful content, no matter your niche!

Interested in finding out more about how CCF can help with your content writing needs? Contact us below, and chat with one of our writing experts today! 

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