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Landing Pages and Websites

The building blocks of a web page

Landing Page

You only have a few quick seconds to make an impression on a potential client or a reader, and your landing page will speak volumes about your company and your brand. It is more than just some words on a page; your landing page is what will separate your brand from your competitors. Here at CCF, we know what it takes to craft and hone the ideal landing page. From building a functioning sales funnel to intriguing your readers, the team at CCF can help. Contact us today and see how we can revamp or create a fantastic landing page that is perfect for your brand or company!

Content Pages

Content pages are where you speak to your clients and get into the nitty-gritty. Think about it this way, your landing page gets their attention, and your content page is what informs them. Here at CCF, we excel at providing our clients with content pages that keep readers informed with essential information without the fluff. From a fintech company to an environmental company, our team of pens can deliver content pages that informs and drives sales.

About Us

The forgotten page for many, the about us section of your site is where you can speak to your story, and why you got into the industry. From the local ma and pa store to the largest corporations on the planet, everyone has an intriguing story to tell. Let the team at CCF be your lead pen and inform your clients whom they are getting into business with, and why your company is the best fit going forward.

Contact Us

Contact us pages are an integral part of any sales funnel or website, as it allows your clients to get a hold of you. They are not glamorous, but when written correctly, they can provide you with quality leads, or generate sales! With the team at CCF, you can enjoy quality contact us page with calls to action, forms and SEO built-in!

Full Packages

For the team at CCF, we are proud to offer a wide variety of website and landing page packages that will fit your companies needs. Whether we are doing a single landing page or a full site write-up, our team of highly trained writers is here for you. With our content writing, your site will be revamped, optimized and most importantly, represent your brand and voice.

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