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An experiment in artificial intelligence and content writing

A brain showcasing Artificial Intelligence with Google wordmark

Content writing is an interesting space, and when you looked at Reddit or X a few months ago, it seemed like the world was ending. People were noting that clients were drying up as more and more small businesses looked to cut costs and turned to artificial intelligence. Well, I was curious, so I decided to use a couple of AI articles on my own site to see what would happen with my SEO and see if anyone noticed. Well, to make the long story short, it didn’t go well.


The process

AI is only as good as the information you can give it, and it was a painful process to get something worth looking at. Prompt writing for Chat GPT and other AI tools is an art, and it took a while to get what I wanted out of the machine. Once I did, there were factual errors throughout which I asked for corrections with varying degrees of success. Naturally, I wanted to see what these tools could do, so I asked them to do everything from metadata to title, and well, it was not amazing. But this was a test, and a test we would complete.


The results

Overall, in terms of SEO, it went ok at the start. Then, it started to hurt my site more and more. The ranking was dropping, and the number of SEO companies that were cold-calling me increased. Fun fact: if you are an SEO company, let’s chat as your cold emails are not great, guys and gals… like not great at all. It turns out that Google is not a fan of AI-written content and started punishing me without remorse.


Final Thoughts

So, where are we with AI? The answer is it will really depend. I would say that AI is a valuable tool in content writing, but it can’t replace a good writer for your SEO. It can figure out titles, content outlines, and even help pull sources, but it is god awful at actual writing.


If you are looking for content, whether it be a new page, blog or post, let’s chat and see how we can help bring natural and AI-free content to your site. For the cost savings of using AI for your writing, you will be paying down the line for SEO, and that is a heck of a lot more expensive than working with a content company like Canadian Content Factory.


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