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The Art of Working from Home

For many of you, the transition from working at the office to working from home has been a challenging one. Whether you are balancing childcare duties, or simply adjusting to a work from home situation that might be less than ideal, it has not been easy. So, how do you master working from home? Let’s dive in and give you the tools to master the art of working from home.

Distinct Spaces

As you have transitioned your home into your workplace, separating your work and personal life is going to be essential. If space allows it, the best possible working from home scenario is to have a dedicated office space to do work. This way, your body will know that is work time when you are in that room, and you can close your office when it is quitting time.

If you are in a tighter space, then you have to get a little more inventive. Whether you make your kitchen table your new office or a desk that has not been used for a few years, the important thing is to have that dedicated workspace in your home.

Pay attention to your ergonomics

No, ergo assessments are not just a thing that you do; your ergonomic set-up can drastically affect your physical and mental health. If you work in a larger company, chances are you are using an ergo set-up that includes a chair and a desk that has been fit to your bodies needs. At home, you might not have the same opportunity. To solve this, you can order a proper chair and an adjustable desk. As well, you should look to stand up and walk around the house at least every 45 minutes. Little changes can do wonders and mirroring an ergo set-up in your home will ensure your back, neck and arms are feeling good for years to come.

Work-Life Balance

Working from home can easily lead to a blending of your work-life balance. This happens quite regularly, and during the current COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies have started to see employees work longer hours. To avoid burnout, make sure that you can shut down your work when you finish for the day. As well, take your breaks, you still get lunch, and your breaks throughout the day. It can be hard to make these adjustments, but in the long run, it will be essential to avoid burning out.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking at working at home for months to come, or cannot wait to get back to the office, learning to master the art of working from home will allow you to deliver a better product without the risk of burning out. From paying attention to your ergonomics to ensuring that you have dedicated workspaces, working from home can be an enjoyable experience, you need to adjust your thinking about your home office. Now, enjoy that 20 step commute and embrace the masterpiece that is the art of working from home.

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